Easy integration of up to date documentation in Confluence

Git4C is complete solution for displaying documentation from Git repository in Confluence
  • Versioning

    Use Git excellent branch and tag system to version your documentation
  • Native PlantUML support

    Display your PlantUML in Confluence without converting them
  • Native Confluence look

    Plugin uses Atlassian guidelines to ensure Confluence like UI
  • Advanced support for Java and Gherkin

    Do you want to display just one method from your huge java file? No problem
  • Single File include from GIT

    Git4C allow to include a single file from GIT repository
  • Code fragments and syntax highlighting

    Git4C allows you to put code fragments into your documentation and highlights the syntax for you
  • And it's open source

    Git4C plugin is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. Find all our code on Github.

Truth can only be found in one place: the code.

Robert C. Martin, Clean Code

And Confluence is the ideal place to integrate the truth from your code in a collaborative environment that allows technical editors, project managers (in short: all those who do not code) to view and work with your documentation.

Combine this with our ARC42 Template or our MMT Plugin and you have all the tools you need to create structured and compliant software documentation in one place.

And it's free, as in freedom - find all our source code on Github and work with us - and as in beer - which means, it is - and will remain - free of charge.

Want to do more? Adapt it to your particular process? Contact us.

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